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Finely Crafted French Limoges Boxes for Every Occasion
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One of the Perfect Limoges Boxes fine Yuletide Limoges Boxes

The Perfect Limoges Boxes offers an extensive collection of the highest quality genuine French Limoges boxes. These pieces are entirely hand mounted and hand-painted by professional artisans in the Limousine, France region. For over 260 years, Royalties world wide have treasured Limoges Porcelain prestigious collections. The Perfect Limoges follows this Tradition of Quality Excellence since 1764. Our Limoges Boxes are carefully crafted with fine meticulous detailing by French artisians. We are an authorized retailer of Rochard. We only sell the finest most prestigious French Limoges There are a measureable amount of ateliers operating within the Limousine rea that mark their Limoges porcelains in a variety of fashion in France. The number of studios producing Limoges Boxes forthwith estimate at about 35 different factories. These factories may employ anywhere between 6 and 400 French Artists. These studios can be identified by the marking of their initials and emblem with Limoges France on the base of every Limoges Figurine Box.

The perfect limoges collection contains Rochard, Artoria, Pierre Arquie, Chamart, Parry Vieille, HM, Gerard Ribierre, Elda Creations, BS, CP, and many many more. Limoges Boxes are a miniature hand-crafted hand-painted porcelain box made of the translucent white Limoges Porcelain that has been man-made from the clay Kaolin. The Limoges Hinged Box was originally created in Paris during the early 1700's. These pieces were celebrated among the French aristocracy as snuffboxes. The Limoges Box production nearly dissapated around the French Revolution and came to rebirth once again in the 1840's as the aristocracy began to build. In the time of the Victorian Era the Limoges boxes dispossessed popularity again until the 1970's when the bourgeois began to carry their medicine in the limoges porcelain figurine keepsake boxes. Originally Limoges snuffboxes were considered apart of ones attire. They were carried in one 's pocket like a fancy cigarette case. In the 20th century they became popularly used as pillboxes. Limoges boxes of the modern era have become a friendship and love collectible. They are decorative objects or for the most part are used as special figurine gifts between lovers and friends in appreciation of aesthetic and symbolic value.

The perfectlimoges.com is the #1 dealer for authentic French Limoges. Limoges Porcelain Box Figurines on our site are the highest quality at most desire-able prices on the web. We are a Rochard and Artoria authorized Limoges Porcelain Box Figurine Dealer. Our fine French genuine Limoges Boxes is the most exquisite Limoges in the World. Our Limoges Porcelain Box Figurines are in stock, finest quality, and we offer the fastest delivery possible. Most of our orders are shipped out the first 24 hours. We ship to the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan and France.




Finely Crafted French Limoges Boxes for Every Occasion

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