About Perfect Limoges

Hi, I am Mira Lash, the owner of of perfectlimoges.com Creator &  Distributor of Fine Porcelain Royale from Limoges France. Limoges Jewelry Chests, Fine Limoges Dinnerware & Collectible Limoges Porcelain boxes entirely made & decorated in the Heart of the City of Limoges France. For 8 years now, I am very proud to have served thousands of Limoges Collectors as well a hundreds of Luxury stores, Jewelry Stores, Department Stores, Art antiques & Collectibles Galleries, upscale gifts Shops in the USA & all over the World. perfectlimoges.com follows a Tradition of Quality & Excellence & Love since 1764.

For over 240 years, Royalties all over the World have appreciated Limoges Porcelain as a real treasure, Madame de Pompadour, Josephine Empress of France, Alexander Tsar of Russia are just few of prestigious collectors! Today, Limoges Porcelain is still a French Presidential gift in official foreign visits! From Limoges to Versailles, Paris to Moscow, or in the United States from Key West to New York, Palm Beach to San Francisco, via the French Quarter of New Orleans of course, Limoges boxes are symbol of Love, French Romanticism, Joy to celebrate an Event in our Life, a Birthday, an Engagement, a Wedding, an Anniversary, remember a great vacation, our just express feelings to our friends, family & Love. Limoges is more than just a Collectible; it’s a way to express ourselves, with this “Special French Touch”, because every Limoges is meaningful.  

I have been collecting Limoges boxes for over 10 years, and we are very fortunate that as importers, we had the chance to collect every number 1 of all the Limited Edition numbered, perfectlimoges.com has created. That’s our incredible treasure of over 950 Limoges boxes! Every one of them has a meaning for us. As collectors ourselves, we are dedicated to make your Limoges Experience the most enjoyable possible. Today, We carry over 2,800 models of Authentic Limoges Porcelain boxes for every occasion. Involve in every step of the fabrication of those fine collectibles treasures; we invite you to discover our passion. Limoges is more than a collectible, it’s a way to express yourself, or give a message.