Mother's Day Limoges Boxes

Oval boxes emblazoned with Happy Mother's Day are the best gift for that special day in May instead of runny eggs, burnt bacon, and lopsided pancakes – though you can try to perfect those as well!  Since the 1700s, artists and ateliers created unique figurines with breathtaking color and detail. Imported from the Limousin region in France, these authentic pieces with intricate clasps are signed by the factories to guarantee their authenticity. Any small memento or ring fits into these containers that are more attractive than the average box. Choose from a collection of animal mother images – Mother Goose, a gorilla and her infants, a rabbit rocking her kits to sleep, cats curled around kittens, hens and chicks, swans and cygnets. Sometimes finding a great gift for an expectant mother can be overwhelming – take the guesswork out of it by finding something that will commemorate her new arrival. We can find other mother-themed tchotchkes for you if you contact us through our link!

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