Thanksgiving Limoges Boxes

 A rafter of gorgeous tom turkeys strut around as they fan out their giant tail feathers and plumage. Turkeys are native to our continent and are known for their proud demeanor and protective instincts, which is why Benjamin Franklin wanted them to represent America as its national bird – but not necessarily on the dinner table. Even the President would automatically pardon this parade of poultry so as to keep it gracing your curio cabinet for years to come! But if it is a mealtime spread you seek, we have platters of juicy turkeys and baskets of Indian corn, as well as the traditional cornucopias. This uniquely American holiday has long been a time of celebration and family, and what better way to keep the joy of the season alive through these tiny reminders of thanks and bounty? Also, what better place to secret away your grandmother's spiced pumpkin pie recipe where you will always find it? (Don't worry, our Limoges boxes won't tell a soul that you have been passing off her dish as your own.) If you still have not found the perfect Thanksgiving memento, click on the contact link to tell us what you are looking for and we will get it to you before the crowd hits the buffet line.

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