Egg Limoges Boxes

 This collection of Limoges eggs features amazing designs. Any Art Nouveau lover will appreciate an egg with a bird perched for flight on the branches of a tree. Dragonflies and butterflies surrounded by flowers adorn eggs, and a special house in the shape of an egg is a great addition to your curio cabinet. Other treasures include a footed Sevres egg, and navy blue basket with gold detail and four tiny eggs within. Blue and gold stripes accent gorgeous flowers on eggs, and light blue or pink eggs are the perfect gift to celebrate a newborn infant. The goose may be missing a golden egg or two, but you can find them enhanced with ribbons and flowers in our collection. And, like the Easter Eggs of Faberge, some of the eggs contain miniature treasures within, from thimbles to a bottle of perfume. Other eggs are available if you tell our resident oologist (through the contact link) what you are looking for.

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