Paris France Limoges Boxes

Don't worry if you get lost – tiny maps will lead you to points of interest, and even show you the path of the Tour de France. Create your own Parisian hamlet with a French column billboard, a French cafe vitrine, a Paris street car, the entrance to the Parisian metro (subway), franc notes, and a lady's bounty from a shopping spree on the Champs-Elysees. Experience Parisian life through postcards and love letters. Show your French spirit with a red, white, and blue French flag. We have a collection of colorful fleur de lis – choose from blue, gold, or white. This page only shows part of what is available with regard to Paris and France – click on the contact link if you would like for us to find you a particular piece. You may never glide along the Seine or party in Montmartre, but you can bring the magic of La Ville-Lumiere into your home with a fanciful Limoges hinged box.

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