Music Limoges Boxes

 Imagine yourself tapping out tunes using a removable mallet onto the pastel bars of a child's xylophone, or crashing the symbols and beating the skins on a drum kit. Don't rock the jukebox – well, okay, we all love those quarter-eaters that would spin our favorite 45s for us to get up the courage to ask the girl at the end of the counter to cut a rug. Tiny CDs showcase classical music, jazz, and rock 'n'roll. And of course, Nipper eternally listens to his master's voice from a record on a Berliner gramophone. (I bet you always wondered what the dog's name was, right?) No matter your musical preference, there is a Limoges hinged box to represent whatever instrument you desire. If it is not on our pages, we can find it for you if you contact us through our link. Flats and sharps will fly through your head any time you glance at these beautiful boxes!

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