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 James Naismith invented basketball, and Limoges honors his game with porcelain replicas of basketballs. Golf fans will have their pick of balls, clubs, golf shoes, golf hats, and bags – even a Scottish golfer about to sink one for birdie. Be the belle of the Belmont with our collection of ladies showing off their hats for the horse races, and beautiful fillies on the track and in the winner's circle. Give your billiards player the 8 ball, present your boxing buddy with a charming kangaroo pugilist, or present your future Olympian with figures representing weight-lifting or track and field events. Volleyball, hockey, yoga, ping-pong, car racing, skiing, skating, snowboarding, surfing, hunting, lacrosse, croquet, bowling, diving,sailing and a host of other past-times and hobbies are represented. The guy who tells the wild fish stories will love the collection of fishing gear, hats, and tackles.

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