Moving Vehicle Limoges Boxes

Fly high above the clouds with a jumbo passenger jet, or pretend you are the pilot of a camouflaged mid-20th century warplane. Or, you could just like to take a river cruise in a classic steamboat, or want to capture the glory of the Titanic on your mantel, complete with Rose's storied necklace as a removable piece within the interior of the famed transatlantic steamship. In fact, these boxes are the perfect place to stash your small mementos and rings! Let the wind and waves take you out to sea in our collection of sailboats with brilliantly hued sails. Perhaps your heart desires another mode of transportation or you can't find the boat, plane, train, or automobile that will satisfy your inner collector. Don't blow a spark plug, but instead ask the website mechanic behind the contact link to find your ride! Limoges boxes are the best transportation for your imagination, and don't require gasoline or maintenance!

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