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Other boxes contain different shoes for male and female, from the practical to the whimsical. But a girl cannot live on shoes alone – this fashionable collection also has hats, and other accessories and beauty items! Hats are always in vogue at Limoges. You will not believe the number of variations of hat-plus-hat box pairs available! Each hat box contains a complementing chapeau – themes include animal prints, apple blossoms, blue or pink toile, lilies. There are other elegant and designer toppers to add to your curio cabinet. A box with a Paris scene containing a purple-banded red hat is perfect for your ladyfriend in the Red Hat Society! Accentuate your kisser with any one of the colors of lipstick available – Fuschia, pale pink, red, burberry, to name a few. There is also a makeup bag with removable accessories – lipstick and a mirror – so that you will look your best whilst on the go. Choose from sunglasses cases with matching removable sunglasses – hearts, leopard, tropical, zebra, and pastel confetti! But accessorizing doesn't stop there – choose from any one of our suitcases and discover a removable treasure within! Show off any one of the delicate busts in our collection, or bandy about your bling in a green-stoned ring!

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