Fruit & Vegetable Limoges Boxes

Enjoy pears, peaches, oranges, kiwi, grapes, cherries, and raspberries, or add a fig, green or red pepper, peas (in and out of the pod), radishes, avocados, corn, and artichokes to your shopping basket. Some of the most interesting pieces feature fruit and vegetable stands – even a fruit scale! Looking for something to spice things up? Choose from garlic, fennel, hazelnut, and endive. There are also fruit baskets, and a whimsical collection of figurines – Meet Mr. Asparagus, Mr. Corn, Mr. Peapod, and Mr. Pumpkin! Perhaps you are looking for a culinary treat other than the ones listed here. No worries! Our head fruit and vegetable pickers will scour the earth for what you desire – just click the contact link and describe what you would like. These Limoges hinged porcelain boxes are the perfect gift for any farmer or grocer – or anyone who appreciates good food.

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Acorn Limoges Box
Apple Limoges Box
Endive Limoges Box
FENNEL Limoges Box
FIG Limoges Box

FIG Limoges Box


KIWI Limoges Box
LEMON Limoges Box
Melon Limoges Box
MR CORN Limoges Box
PEACH Limoges Box
PEAPOD Limoges Box
Plum Limoges Box
Potato Limoges Box
RADISH Limoges Box
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