Religion & Nativity Limoges Boxes

Tell the stories of the Bible with Noah's ark festooned with tiny animals, the archangel Gabriel figurines, or a replica of The Last Supper limoges boxes. Cozy churches invite all to worship, as do tiny monks and a sweet child on her knees in prayer. Cheerful cherubs and angels proclaim the good news, some strumming harps or simply praying. Jewish collectors will find a replica of the Wailing Wall in addition to delightful dreidels, menorahs, and tzedakah boxes with removable coins just in time for Chanukah. In fact, several of these pieces have removable parts that are stunning in their own way. Those seeking other religion and nativity items can hit our contact link for an array of other choices. Also, check out the Christmas section of our website for other religion- and nativity-themed selections. Limoges hinged boxes are the perfect way to represent you in your religious life.

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CAMEL Limoges Box
Cherubs Limoges Box
COW Limoges Box

COW Limoges Box


MONK Limoges Box
SHEEP Limoges Box
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