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Limoge? Lamoge? Limouge? Lemoge? Lamoges? lemoges? Lamouge? Limgoes? Lomoges?

Limoges (LEEmozh) is the way you pronounce the city in France where limoges boxes are made.  It is not pronouced with a plural Limoge, and Limoges always has a silent S. Limoge, lamoge, and limouge ,limouges, lemoges, lamouge are all mispronunciations of Limoges. The plural form is always one Limoges box, not one Limoge box.

Our Limoges France Porcelain Box Figurines

Perfect Limoges only sells genuine French Limoges boxes that are hand mounted, made, and hand-painted or decorated in the Limoges, France region. Limoges is a porcelain region that has been chosen by the French government. Limoges box is not a brand name or a single porcelain factory per say for many factories and studios within the Limoges area may mark their porcelains Limoges France to make our pieces authentic Limoges porcelain boxes. 

What are Limoges Pill Boxes Limoges Collection

Limoges Box is a small hand-painted box made of Limoges Porcelain that has been man-made in Limoges France. The Limoges Hinged Box was invented in Paris in the early 1700's, and were popular among the French aristocracy as snuffboxes. The Limoges Box virtually disappeared around the French Revolution and came forth again in the 1840's as the aristocracy once again began to build. During the Victorian Era the Limoges boxes lost popularity again until the 1970's when people began to carry their pills in the limoges porcelain boxes. Originally Limoges snuffboxes were considered apart of ones wardrobe. They were carried in one 's pocket like a fancy cigarette case. In the 20th century they became popularly used as pillboxes. Snuff went out of style long ago. These Limoges boxes in the modern era have developed into a friendship and love collectible decorative objects. For the most part Limoges Boxes today are used as A special gifts between lovers and friends and used for aesthetic and symbolic value thereof.



Limoges Porcelain Box Factory Markings

Many studios operating within the Limoges area may mark their porcelains Limoges France The number of factories producing Limoges Boxes currently estimate at about 35 different companies. These factories employ anywhere between 6 and 400 workers. These companies can be identified by the marking of Limoges France on the bottom.